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Your Outdoor Space, Perfected!

JML Lawn Care offers property owners convenience and goes beyond just simple lawn mowing. We use technology and science to help give you great looking lawns and gardens. From determining your soil composition to defining the exact amount of fertiliser your specific grass needs, our turf grass agronomists will craft the perfect service plan for your lawn. That’s just one way we provide smarter lawn care for our clients.

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We Manage Your Lawns & Gardens so you don't have to!

JML Lawn Care provides total lawn care and landscaping, from weed control and fertilization to mowing and garden maintenance, in an environmentally responsible and intelligent fashion, which means you don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to your property. You’ll receive a complete comprehensive service for everything your landscape needs to be healthy & beautiful.

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A 100% Iron-Clad, Risk Free, Double Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be totally thrilled with our service… so absolutely delighted you will recommend us to your friends and neighbors. Frankly, we want to care for your lawn forever. You are the judge, if our work is not excellent, we will re-do the item in question for FREE. If you are still not happy, you will not owe us one cent. There’s more… if the item in question is not fixed to your total satisfaction we will pay another company of your choice to fix the issue. Nothing is more important to us than your complete satisfaction.

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An exciting new solution that makes caring for your landscape a breeze.

We Do Things Differently.

What is JML Lawn Care Management? – We’ve turned the traditional lawn maintenance & garden improvement approach on its head & created an exciting new solution that makes caring for your landscape a breeze.

JML Lawn Care Management is a subscription service that bundles your lawn & landscape maintenance needs into a simple monthly fee. Not only could you save up to 40% compared to market rates, you’ll enjoy perks like a dedicated lawn & garden technician, a tailored Annual Maintenance Plan, access to specialised services, detailed records & more.

When you join the JML Lawn Care Service Programs, you get all of the following:

A proven maintenance & enhancement program – that extends the life of your lawns & gardens and saves money by value adding additional services at no additional cost. Just tell us which services you would like from a long list of options, and we will handle all of the details.

Preserve or Increase Your Property Value – Protect your largest investment by staying ahead of lawn and garden maintenance and keep your property in its best shape.

One point of contact, a dedicated team – that is responsible for handling all of your landscape maintenance and lawn care needs.

One flat & consistent rate – With our monthly subscription model, you will enjoy a consistent rate all year long.

The peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have a single trusted service partner you can contact whenever issues arise on your property.

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Why this makes sense for you.

If you’re here it’s probably because of one of a few reasons; you either don’t have the time to work on your property, you don’t like working on it, or you just can’t manage it these days. That’s ok, because we have the time and desire to take care of it for you! Here are a few reasons it makes sense to let us help you with your property…


There are only so many hours during the week, and especially on the weekend! When we take care of your property you gain precious time back in your life, and time is the one thing that you can’t make more of. How much is your time worth?

You’ve got a million things to worry about, how nice is it to have a low friction, reliable service to take one of them off your plate? Take a deep breath and relax. The only thing you need to do with your lawn now is enjoy it..Start enjoying your lawn instead of working on it!

If you’ve self-performed lawn care in the past you know it can be tricky. How often should you mow, is it time for fertilizer, how much and what kind? What about weed killer? With JML Lawns you can relax and let us take care of everything.

You’re the type of person who cares about how your lawn and property looks. Your home is a big investment and you want your lawn and landscape to compliment your home. With JML Lawns you can rely on a plan that will deliver great results.

With our flat, monthly subscription models you will enjoy a consistent rate all year long. Our packages are more inclusive than other landscaping providers, which means you’ll benefit from less problems throughout the year!

From our pre-service text messages to our post-service summaries complete with photos and notes, you’ll receive regular and comprehensive communication regarding your property and the  services we are providing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Service?

In a nutshell, JML Lawn Care Services manages your lawn, gardens & outdoor spaces so that you do not have to. We accomplish that through three basic services: we conduct a weekly maintenance visit during which our technicians handle all of the basic landscape maintenance and minor enhancement needs of the landscape.

What happens during the maintenance visit?

Each week our technicians complete a thorough inspection of the lawns & gardens and conduct the basic landscape maintenance tasks required to keep the property in good shape. Each week they will mow the lawns and do the edging, garden bed maintenance, weed control, fertilise, hard surface cleans and numerous other tasks as part of an extensive maintenance checklist. They also complete seasonal items that are done once or twice a year, such as lawn aeration and topdressing. Once the maintenance is complete, they spend time on “enhancement” tasks such as mulching, pruning shrubs or other small tasks requested by the homeowner.

What Is Your Guarantee?

We guarantee 100% satisfaction for our customers. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy with the service you receive. If you are not happy with the service you receive, we will do everything in our power to make it right. If you are still unsatisfied with our work, we will refund the amount of your last visit. Its that simple.

How Do I Get Started?

We make it easy, you can either call, text or request a call back to our friendly office staff or schedule a complimentary in person consultation with one of our landscape professionals. In all cases you will receive a custom estimate for your properties weekly landscape program and then decide if you would like to move forward!




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A 100% Iron-Clad, Risk Free, Double Money Back Guarantee

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