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No matter what property type you have, whether it’s a townhouse or a large acreage property. JML Lawn Care Services has a solution!.


Make a great first impression on residents, customers, and clients with beautiful Lawns & Gardens by JML Lawn Care..


For sports turf areas you need JML Lawn Care. Since 1992, we have maintained great-looking sports turf areas that stands up to the test..

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picture perfect lawns & Landscapes

At JML Lawn Care we take the hassle out of lawn mowing and yard work with our pristine lawn care services. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy your lush, green, picture perfect outdoor space.

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What We Offer

Our comprehensive lawn care plans and services have been designed to give you everything you need to achieve your greenest, most luxurious lawn.

We don’t just run our lawn mowers up and down your backyard. We give your outdoor space our complete attention and care.

Lawn Mowing
Service Program

With our local lawn mowing service, we’ll create a Mowing Schedule and Maintenance routine, to keep your unique lawn at a consistent, optimal length so it stays at its healthiest, thickest, greenest and most resilient.

Lawn Health
Service Program

The ultimate service to give your tired, patchy, uneven and unhealthy lawn a total revamp and get it growing healthy again. Let us deal with thick thatch, compacted, lacklustre lawns, so we can get your grass back to its former green glory.

Landscape Detailing
Service Program

With JML lawn care landscape detailing services, we’ll get your lawns and outdoor spaces looking neat, tidy and professional.
A totally hands-off experience for you, you can trust we’ll stay on top of all your landscape needs.

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Why Choose us.

Why Is The Grass Greener At JML?

By hiring JML Lawn Care for routine lawn care, you can enjoy the benefits of having a green, thick and healthy lawn without having to lift a finger. You can also increase your property value, curb appeal and outdoor enjoyment by having a beautiful lawn that complements your home and lifestyle.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose JML Lawn Care:

Feel Excited

You will feel excited about entertaining & coming home to a clean, well-manicured property..


We’ll Monitor your lawn’s progress and adjust the lawn care plan as needed to ensure the best results.

Greener Grass

You should expect a dark green, healthy (and weed-free!), lush lawns & Gardens..

Save Time & Money

Save you time, money and hassle by taking care of all the details & challenges of lawn care for you…

Our Expertise

25 Years of Experience in turfgrass science & culture

JML Lawn Care routine lawn care will ensure your lawn stays healthy, green and thick all year round. As professional lawn care specialists, we have the knowledge, skills and equipment to provide your lawn with the optimal level of care and maintenance it needs throughout the year..

Cultural Practices
Scientific Approach
Preventative Measures


We’re confident you’ll be 100% satisfied with our service and the outcomes we’ll achieve for your lawn. But if you’re not, or if problems arise, we’ll arrange a free visit within the week to get things back on track..