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Love Your Garden.

Step up to the ultimate in landscape care with our top of the line service.  Simply sign up to our Lawn Maintenance plan and add-on a wide variety of garden services in the form of regular hedging and pruning and ensure your shrubs, ornamentals, and small trees stay looking great all season long. With JML Lawn Care you’ll enjoy our most complete landscape maintenance package.


JML Lawn Care add-on garden services is the best solution for a quick improvement in your property’s appearance. We specialise in performing professional landscape services that will drastically improve your homes landscaping. Our professionally trained crew members provide efficient, reliable and thorough service.


With Garden & Landscaping services from JML Lawn Care an experienced landscape professional will meet with you to better understand your vision, make recommendations based on environment and conditions, and put a plan together to implement your dream landscape. We also provide basic landscape enhancements like garden bed creation, mulch installations, and flower, tree, shrub planting and turf installation.




Beautiful Gardens starts here.

Our unique Lawn Care & Garden Management System starts with a comprehensive full property service on your first and second visits. After that, we will provide the same core services on each visit, with a special emphasis on one aspect of your property maintenance each week.

Here’s how it works; each visit we will

  Ensure your lawn is the proper height for your turf type, double cut for an even surface.
  Inspect and manage landscaping beds for weeds and appearance.
 Assess your turf & plant health for weed & disease infestation & apply treatment if required.
 Assess your turf & plant nutrient deficiencies & apply treatment if required.
  Ensure your lawn is clean and free of debris & detail for appearance.
  Ensure all hard surfaces are clean and free of debris using pro-grade blowers.
  Knock on your door to see if you have any questions or concerns.

Add-On any garden services

Ensure your shrubs, ornamentals, and small trees stay looking great all season long. We’ll make sure that your shrubs and bushes under 6' tall are pruned at the proper time of year.
Lawn Renovations and topdressing is a critical practice in establishing and maintaining a beautiful, thick, weed-free lawn. Turf Renovations loosens compacted soil, which encourages deeper, healthier roots.
Just like your turf grass, your shrubs and small trees will benefit from the regular application of minerals and nutrients, promoting healthy growth and vitality. Our tree and shrub fertilization service will help your plants green up and fill out!
There are a host of insects that can cause damage to your flowers and foliage plants, as well as your trees. We’ll be sure to monitor for aphids, beetles, caterpillars, slugs, snails, and more.
Brown and large patch disease can quickly ruin an otherwise healthy lawns & shrubs. With our lawn and shrub fungal treatment service we can help stop the problem before it starts, and treat brown patch if it pops up in your yard.
Core Lawn Pro™ uses the latest agronomic best practices to focus not just on your grass, but the health of your soil as well. This allows us to use less chemicals and fertilizer than typical turf care programs, which is not only better for your lawn, it’s better for the environment.
Exterior Landscape Detailing is not only an aesthetic enhancement for your property, it is also a practical one as well landscaped homes adds curb appeal and value to your property.
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