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New Customers

In a nutshell, JML Lawn Care manages your lawn & Landscape so that you do not have to. We conduct a comprehensive service for everything your landscape needs to be healthy and beautiful. From mowing, edging, and blowing to fertilization, weed control, and landscape enhancements, we take care of it all so you don’t have to.
Regular, scheduled Lawn & Landscape maintenance service makes a lot of sense for a lot of propertyowners. Here are just a few reasons: 1. You’ll save precious time in your life. 2. You’ll have more peace of mind. 3. Your lawn & Landscape will be properly cared for. 4. You’ll get the results you are looking for. 5. One flat and consistent rate. 6. You’ll know what’s happening 24/7.
We believe there are three key reasons you should consider joining JML Lawn Care: 1. We take care of the preventive lawn & landscape maintenance that is often neglected but that is needed to keep your property in prime condition; 2. We free up the valuable time you might otherwise waste waiting for or searching for a company to do the work; and 3. we give you a trusted single source for dealing with anything that goes wrong with your lawn and landscape.
We will average 37 property visits and services over the course of the calendar year, or about once every 9 to 14 days. Visits includes landscape maintenance like garden bed and hard surface clean up as well as lawn mowing and turf care in the form of weed control, fertilization, and annual dethatching and topdressing. In the growing season we will be visiting weekly, and then a little less frequently in the winter when your property doesn’t need quite as much attention. We’ll also visit monthly to provide pruning and regular tree and shrub care, as well as disease and insect monitoring on your property.
We guarantee 100% satisfaction for our customers. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy with the service you receive. If you are not happy with the service you received, we will do everything in our power to make it right. If you are still unsatisfied with our work, we will refund the amount of your last visit. It’s that simple!

How we work

On Each visit our technicians complete a thorough inspection of the property and conduct the basic maintenance tasks required to keep the property in good shape. Visits includes landscape maintenance like bed and hard surface clean up as well as turf care in the form of weed control, fertilization, and annual dethatching and topdressing.
Our maintenance appointments range from about 1 hour long up to a full day, depending on the size of the property. About half of the visit is spent completing the maintenance checklist, and the other half is dedicated to completing minor enhancements and improvement type of projects.
We have a team of skilled technicians who conduct the maintenance appointments. Once you sign on with us, we will assign a technician and pick a time slot based on your preference.
Each customer is assigned to a landscape manager at the outset of their contract. Your landscape manager is responsible for managing all of the work done on your property by our technicians and our service partners. Your landscape manager handles scheduling, estimating and quality assurance and also manages your ongoing list of work to be done on your property.
You do not need to be home during your maintenance appointment. In fact, roughly 70% of our customers provide us with gate keys or access codes so that we can get in when they are not home. This allows us to deal with problems without disrupting your busy schedule.

Pricing & Packages

The only required service is the basic maintenance program. The additional service offerings are available to you on an add-on basis – you only sign up for the ones you want. If you decide after your contract has begun that you would like to add a service, we would be happy to accommodate that request.
Pricing for the basic monthly service starts as low as $200 per month depending on the size of your property. We price based on the number and type of garden beds and lawn areas on your property, regardless of where the property is located within our service area. The basic maintenance price includes the labor and materials needed for your appointment. The add-on services are priced during your initial meeting with one of our landscape managers and then included in your contract. We divide those costs into twelve equal payments that you make throughout the contract year.
For a couple reasons, one, it makes it easier for you to budget (rather than per visit). Second, you’re paying one flat, affordable rate for top shelf lawn care and maintenance from professionals. And third, it removes any scheduling or service irregularity from your mind. You know that when you are on a monthly plan with JML Lawn Care that we’ve got your lawn covered.
While we are confident that you will love the service, we understand that life happens and that you might need to terminate the service before the contract is up. While we will be sorry to see you go, we certainly will not hold you to the contract if the service no longer works for you. We do ask that you give us one month’s notice of such a change.
Customers will be billed on the day the agreement takes affect of each month in advance. You can pay by check, online banking or credit card. We send out invoices via email at the start of each month. The invoice includes that basic maintenance cost, the monthly portion of any additional services in your contract and any costs relating to project work completed since the previous invoice.

Ask Us A Question

Feel free to ask any landscaping or gardening questions. We will answer as soon as we can.