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06 Aug 2021

Dethatching Lawns: What, Why, How, and When

“Organic” is usually thought of as a good thing, but the organic thatch can become a problem, necessitating the dethatching of a lawn. Here is why.

Think of a lawn as having three levels:

  • The grass blades, themselves: This is the level that you see. You will observe the results of your lawn care efforts at this level, but much of the “action” takes place at a lower level.
  • The soil
  • The layer of thatch between the grass blades and the soil

Having a green lawn starts with having good soil, in which the roots of your grass reside. An ideal soil is one that:

  • Is kept evenly moist
  • Has good aeration
  • Has a pH level of about 6.5
  • Enjoys sufficient nutrients


05 Aug 2021

Mulching Grass Clippings Back Into the Lawn

Almost without exception, lawn clippings should always be mulched back into the lawn. The benefits of mulching lawn clippings are too numerous and valuable to ignore. From providing nutrients for the soil to saving significant amounts of time and money, mulching the lawn clippings just makes sense. Similar to mulching leaves into the lawn in the fall, lawn clippings add valuable organic matter to the soil.


02 Aug 2021
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Ask Jennifer: Your Gardening Questions Answered

I would like to grow some “barometer plants” to use as an early warning system for my garden. What plants are first to respond to frost, first to bolt and first to wilt? Is this a waste of time? It’s not a waste of time, but I’m not sure you’d have to invest in any particular variety. I would use half-hardy annuals that are sensitive to frost, such as cosmos lobelia

31 Jul 2021
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What You Can Grow In Shady Spaces

All shade is not equal. Some shady conditions will yield much more produce than others will, while some areas are better left for hostas and moss. Gardeners should be familiar with the different types of shade, but should also keep in mind that measuring how much shade your garden gets isn’t always easy.