Easy Lawn Maintenance Package

Year-round lawn mowing, leaf clean up, & property maintenance, made easy!

EasyLawn is a new and exciting way to provide landscape maintenance, including mowing, edging, trimming, and clean up. EasyLawn is a year-round subscription, so your landscape will be cared for in all four seasons by professional Turf Technician & landscapers, giving you a great lawn and more free time to spend on it!

We will average 47 property visits and services over the course of the calendar year, or about once every 9 days. Each visit includes landscape maintenance like garden bed and hard surface clean up. In the growing season we will be visiting weekly, and then a little less frequently in the winter when your property doesn’t need quite as much attention. Your service may be started mid season, so give us a call when you are ready to get started!

What’s included in your Package?


JML lawn mowing packages offer property owners convenience and go beyond simple grass cutting to help you maximize the health of your lawn. Our mowing service is a core element in our essential landscape maintenance.


We will remove or spray for weeds in all of your landscape beds, including pesky weeds growing in and between your shrubs and flowers. A well-maintained flower or shrub bed is an essential complement to your whole landscape.


We’ll make sure that wherever the grass meets the road or any hard surfaces you’ve got crisply edged margins. A clean edge is a signature component of a well maintained property, and is a great-looking aspect of your landscaping.


We use professional grade leaf blowers to clean all hard surfaces (your driveway, sidewalks, walkways) to make sure that all grass clippings and debris are removed from these areas, giving your property a clean look, all year long.


You could spend your weekends raking the lawn this autumn, but you don’t have to. With our leaf removal service (included in all of our maintenance subscriptions) we’ll make sure that the leaves are off your hard surfaces & turf on a regular basis.


Just because your grass has stopped growing doesn’t mean your property stops needing care! During the winter we visit to clean up dead leaves & debris and perform basic pruning, keeping your property looking tidy all year long.




Per Month  

Based on

250 sqm Landscaped Area


Per Month

Based on

500 sqm Landscaped Area



Per Month

Based on

750 sqm Landscaped Area


Per Month

Based on

1000 sqm Landscaped Area


Per Month

Based on

1500 sqm Landscaped Area


Upgrade your package with pruning!

Ensure your shrubs, ornamentals, and small trees are in great shape year-round with our Plus (pruning) option. We’ll create a custom pruning plan based on the unique plants on your property and evaluate and prune as needed on a monthly basis. We’ll make sure that your plants are pruned at the proper time of year and in alignment with horticultural best practices. When you upgrade to PruningPlus we simply evaluate what your annual pruning needs are with an on-site assessment and add the additional amount to your EasyLawn™, PremierLawn&Garden™, or PrestigeGarden™ monthly subscription amount.