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The Most Comprehensive & Complete Lawn & Landscape Care….

JML Lawn Care provides the most comprehensive lawn care has to offer, going above and beyond your standard lawn mowing service. Our skilled technicians offer a wide variety of services sure to keep your lawn & garden looking its greenest year round, even in the coldest of winters and the driest of summers.

All JML Lawn Care services are available year round and guaranteed to be performed quickly, efficiently and skillfully by our lawncare specialists.

Just imagine: your lawn is the envy of all your neighbors, always perfectly mowed and colorfully manicured with tasteful shrubs and flowers, yet your fingernails are miraculously free of dirt and your back doesn’t hurt from bending and pulling all afternoon. Amazing! 

JML Lawn Care comprehensive approach to lawn & garden maintenance is comprised of the following:

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What’s included in your Service Program?



Lawn Mowing Services 

JML lawn mowing packages offer homeowners convenience and go beyond simple grass cutting

to help you maximize the health of your lawn.

Our mowing service is a core element in our

essential landscape maintenance program.

Garden Maintenance & Care 

We will remove or spray for weeds in all of

your landscape beds, including pesky weeds

growing in and between your shrubs and flowers.

A well-maintained flower or shrub bed is an

essential complement to your whole landscape.

Lawn Edging & Trimming 

We’ll make sure that wherever the grass meets

the road or any hard surfaces you’ve got crisply

edged margins. A clean edge is a signature

component of a well maintained property, and

is a great-looking aspect of your landscaping.



Hard Surface Clean Up 

We use professional grade leaf blowers to

clean all hard surfaces (your driveway, sidewalks, walkways) to make sure that all grass clippings

and debris are removed from these areas,

giving your property a clean look, all year long.

Leaf Cleanup Service 

You could spend your weekends raking the

lawn this autumn, but you don’t have to. With our

leaf removal service (included in all of our

maintenance subscriptions) we’ll make sure

that the leaves are off your hard surfaces &

turf on a regular basis.

Winter Property Detailing 

Just because your grass stops growing doesn’t

mean your property stops needing care! During

the winter we visit to clean up dead leaves &

debris and perform basic pruning, keeping

your property looking tidy all year long.



Lawn & Turf Weed Control 

We will visit your property throughout the

year to apply pre and post-emergent

weed control. Plus, unlike other weed and

fertilization providers, we’re on your lawn

almost every week, so we can spot &

respond to issues much more quickly.

Lawn & Turf Fertilization 

Applying the proper type and amount of

fertilization to your grass at the right time of

year is a critical component in the overall health

and development of your turf. That’s why it makes

sense to trust your turf fertilization to the pros.

Aeration & Overseeding Service 

Aeration and overseeding is a critical practice

in establishing and maintaining a beautiful, thick,

weed-free lawn. Core aeration loosens compacted

soil, which encourages deeper, healthier roots.



Tree & Shrub Pruning 

Ensure your shrubs, ornamentals, and small trees

are in great shape year-round with our pruning

option. We’ll make sure that your plants are pruned

at the proper time of year and in alignment with

horticultural best practices.

Tree & Shrub Fertilisation 

Just like your turf grass, your shrubs and small

trees will benefit from the regular application of

minerals and nutrients, promoting healthy growth

and vitality. Our tree and shrub fertilization service

will help your plants green up and fill out!

Disease and Insect Monitoring 

There are a host of insects that can cause damage

to your flowers and foliage plants, as well as your

trees. We’ll be sure to monitor for aphids, beetles, caterpillars, slugs, snails, and more.



Lawn Fungal Monitoring and Treatment 

Fungal problems and disease can quickly ruin

an otherwise healthy lawn. With our lawn and turf

fungal & disease treatment service we can help

stop the problem before it starts, and treat the

disease if it pops up in your yard.

Lawn Advice & Consultation 

Don’t know which grass is right for your property?

A beautiful lawn begins with expert lawn

advice, so let us help you choose the

best turf variety to suit the conditions of

your property.

Problem Solving & Diagnosis 

To identify lawn problems, you need to take a

systematic approach to diagnose the problem

before you can properly treat your grass. 

The JML Lawn Care Team can help walk you

through the detective work so you can restore

your lawn to health.