We build and maintain great looking, healthy landscapes for busy homeowners.

Our comprehensive Lawn Care and Garden management program forms a pyramid of protection for your property.

  • Our weekly maintenance service provides the foundation by allowing us to identify and resolve small issues before they become big ones.
  • The program consists of all the add-on services you need to preserve and enhance the value and appeal of your home such as Lawn Mowing, weed control, pruning, etc.
  • Our trusted service technicians handle the major repairs and improvements that do arise from time to time.

At JML Lawn Care we recognize that each home, like each customer, has unique needs which is why we assign a dedicated service team to each of our customers. Using our proprietary customer management software, we are able to track specific customer preferences as well as to maintain a comprehensive record of all the work performed on the home.

Call us today and start enjoying your garden.

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